Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Information Horizon

There are a few thoughts that do want to escape my head once in a while. I have been following the progress of information physics and some quantum physics. There are a couple of things I'd like to ask Einstein, if he could answer me;)

There is to be a horizon of information around the perimeter of a black hole, no matter how physically small it is. Information is to be indestructible. If that is so, does that apply for the information that lives on living beings aswell? The Mems that reside on all living beings? What happens to the information that one person carries with itself during ones life once the living person dissapears? Where is the horizon? (please don't start with spirits and angels=or ufos)

We all know that the stars we see in the heaven is a reflection from millions of years from the past. In theory, we could travel away from the Earth and look back into the past if we had proper optics. Taking into account the possible quantum states of any photons, one could possibly read the time backwards without leaving the Earth. But! Since seeing alters the state of the matter, i.e. we have an unlimited amount of possible existences in parallel.. , then is there any way of seeing the past that we think should be the proper one? Because there seems to be an unlimited amount of pasts, presents and futures.

And last, but not least. The conciousness. For the information physics: the way we do percieve the surrounding time and space. Is there only one way to percieve the universe or are there similar countless experiences in countless universes? Or do we choose the universe every second of our life by our choices? Yes, you can talk about Karma now.

Good thinking;)

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