Friday, November 5, 2010

EarCave re-release of I Don't Have To Cry

I was positively surprised by Andrew Morgans decision to re-release my and Maryn E. Coote's 1984 single "I Don't Have To Cry". He did switch the song on the b-side for "Vision of Estonia" from the same year.
Trying to remember the production notes of this vinyl.. It was recorded at a rented home-studio in Stockholm. We did rent (with the generous help from our manager at that time Harry Kask R.I.P.) a small Fostex 8 track studio rack, consisting of the multitrack, mixer, two compressors, a spring reverb and an equalizer..
We used the Oberheim DX drum-machine. We couldn't locate a DMX or afford a Linn.. Keys were played on a Yamaha DX 9 - again, we couln't get the DX 7..
Maryn played all keyboards, I did the drum programming, bass (a Fender Mustang) and the vocoder ( Syntovox 222 ).. I did the engineering aswell. Maryn plays also the flute on the B-side. We had help on the guitar part.
An interesting addition was the Roland SDE 1000 delay, that we rigged up along with the Yamaha CS 10 mono synth to do some primitive sampling effects..
Anyway, I hope this single gets back to the dancefloors where it has always belonged. You can buy the single at:


  1. Just picked it up from the label, excellent work - thanks!

  2. Amazing work Uku! Purchased today.