Sunday, March 29, 2009

Going on a date with Chaka

I have been visiting Stockholm for the past days and at last it hit me: Stockholm is a city with night-life. I hadn't been to the world famous jazz club Fashing for almost 20 years now, so I decided to check on whats going on there.

There was something quite unique taking place in Fashing on this Satuday night. A band called Any Old Sunday, consisting of child-young swedish youth performed Chaka Khan all night with a devotion that I have not been able to witness anywhere else.

The band was excuisite, the arrangements copied exactly the sound of 70's to 80's. It was like going back in a time-machine. On stage there were four girls performing the exact vocal arrangements of Chaka Khans music. The two solists
EllyEve and Tina Talajic took turns in singing all Chakas hits with real youth energy. Elly had the high notes, Tina the grounge' lows. If I could find anything missing, then it was the bit of jazz, that we love about Chaka these days. But she is decades older and more mature. The girls sounded honestly like a very young Chaka.

In the mensroom, I was approached by an older man, who asked if I had come to Fashing before and what did I think of the band.. I told him this was my first time in 20 years and I've heard a lot of bad jazz there before, so today was just a pleasure. The man explained that his son is living together with the singer Elly and he was so exited... How nice;)..

Well, to make a long story bit shorter: all my youth I did dream of soul and funk taking hold in Sweden. Looking at that band made me an eery feeling that I had dreamt this all up.. The soul was there and I really connected with that music. So did everyone else, it seemed too..

"Den energiska kvartetten Any Old Sunday blandar finess med attityd och bjuder tillsammans med Misses Papillon på en fartfylld kväll full av dans och spelglädje.

Any Old Sunday: Aleksandar Brdarski – bas, 
Aaron Mellergårdh – trummor,
 David Larson – keyboard,
 Efraim Olofsson – gitarr. Misses Papillon: EllyEve – sång,
 Tina Talajic – sång,
 Marlene Strand – kör, 
Graciela Chin A Loi – kör"

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