Tuesday, December 2, 2008

The virtues with MacBook power supply

I am a proud owner of a black MacBook. I was amazed by the magnet on top of the power connector, which was intended to make the connection much sturdier. Yes, it was.

What didn't stand the time was the cable itself. Somehow it did not stand the dayly usage stress and actually burned today. I had to look up my soldering iron and to use some violence towards the plug. Yes, it works now, but besides being in matching black color, it is all but stylish.. And the plug will not come out of the Mac unless it brakes again, so I have to use my MacBook as a table top computer now;) The perspective of buying a 130 usd usp is beyond my comprehension. Good design, Apple!

But, they sell new bootlegs on Ebay..


  1. Uku Kuut, you're way too resourceful. And Apple has two brand new stores sales-and-no-service outlets just itching to sell you a new adapter.

  2. I am waiting for a 33USD PSU from Ebay.. Lets see if your postal service will confiscate it or not, since it comes from China;)