Sunday, December 2, 2007

Late Fall in Saaremaa

Now frosts have re-decorated the plants and the landscape. We could enjoy the frost-bitten view last time in Saaremaa.

This is the view from our farm towards the neighbours.

This is a little vine that I planted in July. It has taken root and will grow in the pot for the winter. We'll plant it on the field next summer.

I have a hard time moving around the garden, since it is all dug up for the piping.

Baltica - Hasanski Sladkii - Varajane Sinine..

Royal Dane: my favourite rose.

Roses are all over our vineyard.

Here we have managed to plant about 550 plants.

The old wine-cellar (renovation in progress)

This lovely friend got hit by a car. In Memoriam.

Mesmerising views projected by the setting sun..

The entrance to our vineyard.

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